I was following my GPS and it brought me to the address to the salon to deliver a washer. There was no parking, heavy traffic, close to rush hour. I called the customer and he told me to go inside and ask for Lisa. I put my hazards on and left the company truck asked for Lisa inside the store. She directed me to the work area. I quickly went back outside to setup the delivery and I noticed I was getting a ticket. The meter officer told me that I was not allowed to park there and there is a loading zone next to the salon but my truck was too big to fit the loading zone. I got a ticket before blocking a driveway so I did not want another ticket and that would not be optional is what I explained to the officer. The officer shrugged his shoulders and handed me the ticket. I texted my boss explained to him the job needs to be rescheduled the truck is too big for the area. That I should not be responsible for the ticket because there is no description in the delivery notes of the job or the customer or the office a plan for me to deliver. I have texts and photos to support my claim.


Parking citations are typically written to the registered owner of the vehicle and mailed to his or her address. So to answer your question – yes, your boss is responsible … as far as the government agency in question and the DMV are concerned.

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