I got a call from my step-daughter that she was being detained by a loss prevention officer for shoplifting. I went there and they took my ID and made a copy of it without my permission. I signed a paper that said I would be picking up the juvenile. Fast forward 10 days,I now received a letter in the mail to pay $200 for the items that totaled $12.98. My last name is also misspelled on the letter. It is saying that because I am the parent or guardian of the juvenile I need to pay for the fine. I am however not the guardian or parents. I am the step-father, but not the legal parent or guardian. What should I do?
I think you can safely ignore the letter. If a child is convicted of shoplifting, the store can take the parent or legal guardian to small claims court, but it’s general not economically viable for them to follow through on that. You might take a look at California Penal Code Section 490.5 if you’d like additional information.