Was court ordered to get booked and released and was told by the police we can not book you because there is no charge code for the offense. The charge was annoying phone calls. Shouldn’t the Booking be dropped on a technicality? I did my part, it’s not my fault there isn’t a charge code. The offense date was 6/13/2022. The sentence was on 10/31/23 still unresolved.
I’m going to assume that you owed one day in county jail as the result of a sentence and that’s the reason you need to do a book and release. If you go past your remand date and the sheriff doesn’t send a record of you showing up to be booked and earn that day of custody credit, then a bench warrant could issue for your arrest. You should contact the lawyer who represented you and see if he will check for a warrant, or you can call the sheriff’s office yourself and check. Your lawyer might want to put your matter back on the calendar and have the remand order add some instructions to the sheriff. Your frustration is understandable btw.