9mo with halftime 50 days already been in custody what’s the release date? Boyfriend been locked up since October 2016 getting sentence on December 20 2016 9months with halftime in Alameda county jail how much time will he actually do?


Here are some general thoughts that might help you make the rough computation – First, 270 days at half would be 135 days. Then you would subtract however many days he was in custody before sentencing (But custody credits are not always applied in non-terminal dispositions, so that complicates things). Then you would need to know how much of a “kick” the jail is giving for overcrowding at the moment – sometimes it’s a percentage of the sentence, sometimes it’s a set number of days.

The short version is that it’s a fairly complicated thing to compute down to the exact release date. So you are probably best off calling the jail and asking. (925) 551-6500 – ask for inmate records. Best of luck to you.

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