I was fired from my job yesterday . Wrongfully accused of stealing cell phones ( sold phones for a living) when they couldn’t prove or get me to admit to something I didn’t do they fired me for commission fraud ( mind you every single employee in that store was practicing the procedure that equals in “commission fraud”) Anyway I found out that they are filing a police report against me but they won’t tell me what it is. An Employee that still works there told me that a cop was taking pictures of the store I was looking through my phone and I found messages from the assistant manager asking me about a phone I rang up wrong about a month ago and then stating that she was going to leave the phone in inventory so our manager wouldn’t find out because she didn’t want anyone to “get in trouble” It Dawned on me that it probably looks like I was trying to cover tracks I don’t know what to do should I show my previous manager the texts or wait for the police to come looking for me because I know I didn’t steal.


Do not speak with the police. Do not discuss the case with anyone. Consult with an attorney. Even if you have an airtight explanation for everything that you want to give to the police – have an attorney do it for you.

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