My bf pulled my purse out of my arm riped one of the straps and i had my wallet in there he took off with da purse the cops found him he got booked was there for 2 weeks and came out on OR and was assigned to take a class he didnt attend so he had a warrant and hes in jail now and da DA CALLED and said he has 1 charge which is battery simple.he had court today but couldnt make it cuz of work.


He needs to speak with an attorney on his lunch break today.

Reading between the lines of what you wrote (and this is only one possible interpretations), it sounds like your boyfriend was convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense, ordered to attend Batterer’s Intervention Program, he got behind on his class obligation, a bench warrant issued in that case. Then he was charged with a new non-DV battery misdemeanor but he was never arrested in that matter (which begs the question of how he received notice of his new arraignment court date).

I recommend that he get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Tulare County and see if that attorney will appear on his behalf in court this afternoon. (However, the courtroom may or many not have an afternoon session today.) Depending on whether there was proper service of process, his attorney might have several options.

While neither I nor any other attorney will advise a client to disregard a court order (if legally issued and within the power of the court) or a signed promise to appear, I go to great lengths to ensure that my clients remain out of custody while I am fighting their cases. By denying prosecutors the ability to use pre-trial confinement as a weapon against my clients, I find that the DA’s strategies are greatly weakened.

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