So my boyfriend has been in jail before im pretty familiar with the system but I haven’t heard from him in 3 days. I was wondering if i could actually call the jail facility that my boyfriends in and just ask at least if he is ok because it’s not like him not to call me and I called the jail facility 2 days ago and asked if they were possibly on lock down and the deputy said everything’s in normal routine so I don’t know if anything happened to him or what but our child is going to be born soon and so by this time of the day he’s already called me several times throughout the day. you think if I call the facility they could at least let me no that hes still at least breathing and not in the hospital or hurt or in trouble


In my experience, there is a 99.9 percent chance that your boyfriend is perfectly fine. Gaps in communication happen at Twin Towers, Men’s Central and Pitchess with some regularity for a variety of reasons – it’s human nature to fret when there is no reason to fret – it just shows you care.

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