My friend was arrested right after a fight but let go because the D.A. didn’t file. He was arrested about a month later in another state but let go because the police didn’t pick him up. He was arrested a third time at the airport. Is there a limit to how mlany times you can be arrested for the same crime??


Your question is open to interpretation. The most direct answer is that there are scenarios in which a person could be arrested an infinite number of times for the same charge if the jurisdiction does not chose to extradite. What might have happened to your friend is that the DA decided not to file when the court date on your friend’s citation came around (but this is not necessarily the same as a dismissal or a rejected filing). The DA may have decided to file after the initial court date, your friend did not appear at that arraignment, a warrant issued, but the jurisdiction did not wish to go to the trouble to transport your friend from out of state. I suggest that your friend speak with a lawyer who can make inquiries into any outstanding warrants and open cases.

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