Got detained under suspicion of shoplifting at Kohl’s. No police were involved and I was made to sign 2 things: 1 form stating I would stay away from the store and another stating that a civil demand letter is coming my way (which I will most likely not sign due to the questions I’ve read here). I was then let go.

However, the most troubling thing on my mind is the worry of eventually getting a court summons. From all of your experiences, what is the likelihood of Kohl’s pursuing criminal prosecution against me? I understand that there is always a possibility of receiving a court summons as long as it is within the statute of limitations, but I’m asking in your professional opinions, what the chance of me receiving one seeing as the police were not involved at the time of being brought into the LP office.

This was a very sobering experience and my days of shoplifting are now behind me. Thank you very much for your insights.


It’s possible that a police report was filed after you left, and it’s possible that the DA might receive that report and decide to file charges … but it’s highly unlikely.

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