If you steal from a store and get caught does it go in your record? The people at the stores recorded me and made me sight a lot of paper and make me write a statement of what happen I work for this store and I stole something but since no cops where involved and they record me could they used this evidence against me and what way could this affect me ? they also told me that I would have to pay the money back and they would send a letter at my house .


No, not in terms of your “criminal record” in the traditional sense of the phrase – as long as there is no police involvement. But be aware that the statute of limitations on misdemeanor theft (typically a theft of something worse less than $950) is one year from the time of the offense. And the statute of limitations on Grand Theft is four years (pursuant to Penal Code sections 801.5 and 803(c) and People v Price).

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