I’m in CA & already done my jail time but I’ve moved to new county & still have 3yrs left of mandatory community supervision. When I was sentenced I had some special terms & conditions we had to get the judge to agree to but now I’m worried because I met with new probation officer & he said I have to go see judge sign new terms & conditions. So I have court tomorrow & im wondering if the court will just stick to the same terms & conditions the last court did or will I need to hire a lawyer to go in & make sure I don’t get screwed. I have multiple medical issues so I had to get last judge to ok medical cannabis & there’s no urine analysis but everything else is standard probation. Can the new court pull my ability to grow & use medical cannabis the previous court said alright to? And can they start making me take piss tests now? Reason I’m concerned is I had to have dr’s testify in court about the side effects of taking all those pain pills vs medical cannabis. Well it’s been almost three years since I seen those pain managment dr’s so I don’t have those testimonies like I did. Been using methadone & cannabis since that day the court agreed to now I’m scared this court take it away


It’s very likely that the new judge will keep all the terms the same. There are some judges who can be difficult when it comes to medical cannabis, but it sounds like all your prescriptions/recommendations have already been approved by a judge and a probation department. Bring as much paperwork as you can, just to be safe. Also keep in mind that the new county is not required to accept your transfer, though they typically do.

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