Can a case be move to another county? domestic, buglary and resisting arrest and didnt do classes..and now 3 warrants.

Might need a law services .. do classes and community service ..i dont want to b locked up case was in baldwin park now im in san bernardino can i get it transfered?


Yes, it is possible to have the supervision of your probation transferred from Los Angeles County to San Bernardino County county … but not while you have active warrants in those cases. And unfortunately, most judges will not recall felony warrants without having the defendant personally present.

You probably have a sense of whether your judge will give you jail time if you’re found in violation. The best advice I can give you is to get yourself back into classes if possible, pay down your fines/fees/restitution if possible, and get documentation of any medical hardships if relevant – this will give your attorney some ammunition to argue that your probation should be reinstated without jail time.

If you are asking about having open criminal cases sent to another county, that is exceedingly rare.

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