My ex-girlfriend bought me a gaming console about 2 years into our 6 year relationship and she recently grew bitter as things fell apart during our break-up. She went into my home without my permission and took my console. I’m upset because I have a lot of downloaded content onto the hard drive and a lot of personal stuff on there I don’t want to lose. I asked for it back but she refuses saying she bought it. I explained to her that a gift can’t be taken back unless it was a conditional one, which it wasn’t, or some sort of loan. She continues to refuse despite my threats of me calling the police to settle this legally. What should I do? Follow through? I have substantial evidence that the gift is mine, you just need to turn it on, I’m the only user on there. Also, I have messages of me saying I don’t want her to come into my home without me there.
You can theoretically go to SLOPD and ask to file a police report about the theft. SLOPD may call her to investigate. Realistically, I don’t see the DA ultimately filing charges here, but I think police involvement may motivate her to return the console.

Alternatively, this might be a good time to upgrade to an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Then authorize that as your primary console to re-acess the downloaded content. Then de-authorize the old console.