When a look out circular is issued for a foreign non immigrant in the USA by his home country, due to a criminal proceeding in that country, what are the next steps followed by the USA government ?


US law prohibits the arrest of the subject of a Red Notice issued by another INTERPOL member country, based upon the notice alone. If the subject for a Red Notice is found within the United States, the US DOJ will make a determination if a valid extradition treaty exists between the United States and the requesting country for the specified crime or crimes. If the subject can be extradited, and after a diplomatic request for provisional arrest is received from the requesting country, the facts are communicated to the U.S. Attorney’s Office with jurisdiction which will file a complaint and obtain an arrest warrant requesting extradition. Please don’t post any more details online. This is a delicate matter and the smart play would to ask your questions over a voice call with an attorney. (Also, what you call a “look out circular” I would probably associate more with a blue corner notice.)

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