Will my pc 1000 be violated if i just received my notice to appear for a prior case? I had 2 separate cases, the first which which occurred in early 2015 and went to court for in July 2016 and agreed to PC 1000 (misdemeanor). The second i got arrested and site released around March 2016 and just received the notice to appear on December 8 2016 for recklessly driving on a highway and possession of a controlled substance (both misdemeanors). Will this new case violate my PC 1000 even though it occurred before i agreed to PC 1000 for the first case.


Typically, people are only found in violation of PC1000, Prop 36, probation, etc. for conduct that occurred after they began those programs. But depending on how the new case plays out, it may not make sense for you to complete PC1000 for a number of reasons. You need to strategize across both cases with a criminal defense attorney.

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