I have a felony over 25 yes old plus I have a letter from Court with a dismissal approval after completing my probation

FBI records aren’t update at the interview forgot to show it thinking I was told that my records will be update at the federal building when i went to court for the dismissal so what are my chances after been denied should I ask for another appmt


In recent years, when expungement is granted, a fee is collected to have the DOJ update its databases. It’s possible that your expungement was granted but certain law enforcement databases do not reflect this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when expungement is granted in California courts, the original records are not completely invisible in all databases – and your interviewer may just be inquiring into the arrest.

One last thought – while you have the right to truthfully say that you never suffered a felony conviction when you apply for a job with a private employer in California, the answer is quite a bit murkier when applying to work for the federal government.

I hope that helps a little and I hope you stay on the great path that you’re on!

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