He didnt show up to 1st court appearance, he showed up to 2nd dui court appearance and they took him into custudy, no accidents, they pulled him over the 1st time for broken head light and had him alcohol blow approx 7 xs , 2nd x he ran a stop sign and they drew blood, he is in Pismo Beach, calif.


In SLO Couny, a first DUI conviction is usually 2 days in jail and a second is 10. Your brother might be forced to post bail to be released if he picked up a second DUI while a warrant was out on the first DUI. But the one thing he definitely has working for him is that if he no-time-waivers the second DUI while in custody … the crime lab probably wont’s have the results of the blood back within the 30 day window to start the trial. I would try to get him a private attorney before he’s arraigned on Monday. This case could potentially be lost at the first arraignment if the public defender gives a time-waiver.

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