How do I avoid jail time for violating my probation? Will I do jail time for violating and getting a battery charge?

I had went to jail a year ago for a domestic violence charge. Ben going to classes and check in with my po. Got into a bad argument with my mom and now I’m being charged with battery. She’s not pressing charges but I got letter in the mail saying …


Will anger management classes help you avoid jail time? Maybe. It certainly cannot hurt. But be advised that anger management classes are not usually covered by most health insurance plans or by MediCal – and they are typically once a week classes.

Now, if drugs or alcohol were a factor, AA and NA classes are free and offered many times a day in greater Los Angeles. If you bring proof of frequent class attendance above and beyond your original probation obligation, that would at least give your lawyer a card to play. And even if those classes aren’t enough to prevent jail time, they may be helpful in allowing you to maintain your OR release (assuming you didn’t post bail).`But you need strategize with an attorney before raising the specter of alcohol/substance abuse for the first time.

You really need to sit down with a lawyer and discuss your options in the new case and in the violation of probation case.

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