I was visiting my family home in San Luis Obispo, from another city. I was taking a walk around 8PM on the sidewalk in the neighborhood. I was just walking and texting on my phone. A police officer rolled up to me and asked me what I was doing there, I told him I was walking and that I lived down the block, and I didnt want to be bothered. I kept walking on my way, and he told me to stop. He got out of the car and started to approach me. I told him again that I was walking and I hadnt done anything wrong, and I kept walking. He told me to stop again. I asked him if I was under arrest. He said no, and again I told him I was walking and I lived up the street. He told me to stop again, got in front of me, pushed me, and asked me what my problem was, and that I needed to stop and talk to him more. He went on about how he had a call about some sort of suspicious activity but no crime. I again told him I was taking a walk, I hadnt done anything wrong, and I was going to continue on my way unless he needed to arrest me for something. So he then arrested me for Obstruction of Justice and Resisting a Police Officer, and took me to jail. So what is this…. ? What am I supposed to do here?


If the entire basis for the police contact was “suspicious activity” but no potential criminal activity was ever articulated by the reporting party, the officer would not have had a legal basis to detain you – and virtually everything that happened after you were ordered to remain could potentially be suppressed.

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