I got a DUI in May 2018, due to life events I haven’t been able to start the DUI classes required in California. I went to court and paid the fine, I just haven’t been able to start the classes until now, My Husband just got a job in Alaska and we have to move sooner than the three month class requirement. Am I able to transfer my DUI case to AK and take classes there and finally finish this DUI process and get my license back?
Historically, it had been very difficult to find the California DMV alcohol class in other states and it could not be completed online. As a result of the Lockdown, the class is now being offered online for the first time. Alternatively, you can file a waiver stating that you do not plan to return to California or drive in the state in the future. This may lift the California hold on your license that likely will prevent you from obtaining an Alaska license. Completing that DMV alcohol course is also likely a term of your probation, which means you may need to go to court and ask the judge for a modification of probation. Typically the grant of probation will not successfully terminate until the court has proof of class completion, however the court typically does not issue a warrant for non-completion of the DMV class, though it potentially could. You can request a 1650 waiver from DMV Mandatory Actions Unit at 916-657-6525.