Well i went to court to modify my probation informal probation for receiving stolen property and they said due 90 days swap and it would take care of my fine. Well the fine was way cheaper then doing swap so I just paid my fine and never did the 90 ankle monitoring but now I have a probation violation and im totally confused??? I have never got any violation and had any problems till i wanted to go modify my probation to get a job at the post office. This is the outcome of trying to get my life right…So not fair..Please HELP Please!!!
I’ll do my best to answer your questions as best I understand it, but I may be misinterpreting things. 1. Notice of destruction of exhibits is typically given some time after a contested hearing in which the court admits exhibits. It can be documents, photos, etc. They are destroyed after set periods of time to save space. But you can usually retrieve the exhibits before they are destroyed. 2. Fines generally can be served off through custody time. If you never served a 90 day jail sentence on the case, you’ll need to serve that either in jail, on house arrest, or work alternative. It’s pretty rare for a judge to eliminate a jail sentence that was never served, though it does happen. BUT if you did not owe jail time when you went to court to seek the probation modification and the judge created a 90 days sentence to create a reservation date at the jail purely as a vehicle for you to serve off a fine through custody – you should be able to get the 90 days removed (if you opted to pay the fine instead of actually doing the custody).