Today, 2/1/2018, San Luis Obispo County, Ca has issued me a warrant for battery 2/14/2011, and not obeying the order of the court. Never before have I heard of these orders. They have set bail at $2,000 for a future court date. I live 7 hours away in San Diego County and have never had any other addresses since 6/15/2009. I am a student at San Diego State and expect to graduate this year. Additionally I have little income.
This case can most likely be dismissed with a Serna motion. I certainly can’t guarantee that, but I’ve had multiple cases dismissed in SLO Superior Court with similar facts. If this is a misdemeanor, a private attorney can appear in court without you having to come to SLO County. You should hire a lawyer to get the warrant recalled and file a motion to dismiss for dilatory prosecution.