I haven’t talked to my po in months and I tried calling and emailing her to see if I needed to do anything else she never got back to me and I didn’t go to prison I did my time in the county jail . I’m just wondering if I’m off now or do you think I’m still on ?
It’s probably easiest to call the SLO Courthouse and ask if (1) the case is closed with probation complete or (2) the case is open with probation not yet complete or (3) the case is open with an active warrant. The court’s phone number is (805) 706-3600. Generally, you don’t have to do anything like an exit interview or a graduation for probation to end as scheduled. The only potential problem you might have is if your probation officer considers you “in the wind” and a violation was filed. Probation generally will not terminate with a pending violation. You can also call Sheriff’s Records and check if you have any active warrants in the county. (805) 781-4588