I have been applying at several jobs and this charge is causing me to Mia out in opportunity. I’ve never been arrested or anything in my criminal record and Thea happens 7 years ago almost to the date. About 2 weeks away. I cant get a solid answer on when and if they will remove it or what I can do to fix this. help? Anyone?
It’s pretty much all good news. You can expunge a VC 14601 conviction. If you successfully completed probation, you are entitled to the expungement (technically a retroactive dismissal pursuant to PC 1203.4) as a matter of right – which means you can’t be denied. You can probably have that conviction off your record in less than 60 days time. This is something you can do yourself and the court will only charge you a $60 filing fee. Or you can hire an attorney to do it pretty inexpensively. You will not need to attend a court date. The petitions are ruled on by judges in chambers without a hearing.