I have been on probation in and out of jail. But its always 1, 2 years apart from when i get arrested. Its always just not reporting . same old charge. I am doing good in my life and feel if i coukd just get the chance to have them grant me my freedom and let me live my life i would never be seen in the court again . i know i wouldnt be in trouble again. But if they do see me again then i would agree at the court date were i present my deal to the court to be given a stiff and harsh punishment. But i know i wouldnt get in to trouble again so i wouldnt be worried . i just need to be left alone and have them off my case to work support my family in with oit harrasment . is there anyway i would have a chance at that deal.
Usually high-risk suspended sentences are negotiated at the original sentencing, and not created at probation violation hearings. If you are on probation for a misdemeanor, you can propose a terminal disposition. That essentially means that you would serve some amount of time in the county jail, and when you are released, you would be off probation. That does not usually appeal to most people because alternative sentencing is generally not an option. If you are on probation for a felony, you can theoretically ask the judge to terminate the grant of probation and impose a sentence – unfortunately that would likely result in a large chunk of time that may be in state prison or in county jail – not a good option. If you can go a year or more without a violation of probation, you could calendar your matter and ask the judge to terminate probation early and successfully.