I was made aware of a warrent I had due to bad checks from a couple years ago. I never heard from the bank, the store, or the courts/D.A about this, Not by phone or mail. I was made aware by the officer responding to an accident. If I pay off the amount told to me by the district attorneys office and attend their bad check writing class before court, what should i expect whem i get to court and show proof of payment completed and class completed?
It’s hard to be certain, but it seems possible that the DA is going to contend that you did not complete a diversion program before the criminal case against you was filed. I say that because if you completed the terms of diversion, you likely would not need to come to court. Bring all your supporting documentation with you, or preferably hire an attorney to assist you. Also, if the case filed against you is a misdemeanor, it might be outside the statute of limitations at this time, or barred as a violation of your right to a speedy trial.