Got dui 9 years ago went to court and did my classes.
Was to do 5 days in jail but a family death in other state and I never returned to serve.
My license is still suspended the court said and the jail time is now 150 days?
How can I resolve this issue from other state!
I can’t lose my career for 7 years to serve that amount of time!!
Is there anything I can do now to get my license back in other state with out going to jail!!
Please help
I don’t believe that a judge could have modified your 5 day sentence to 150 days without you or an attorney being present to contest the violation of / modification of probation. If you failed to surrender to the jail on time, typically a warrant issues but a modified sentence is not put into effect without at least one additional court date. You should contact an attorney and see if the matter can be placed on calendar. Hopefully, the warrant can be recalled and perhaps alternate sentencing may yet be offered.