Have an old case from 13yrs ago, disturbing the peace.
I got stopped recently and end up having a bench warrant. Officer gave me a court day.
When and asked the court about the case and says I violated probation.
Could be because paperwork says I had a fine of 500dls that I supposed to pay? but I didn know about it.
Do I need legal representation?
A person can go to jail for violations of probation. I would need more info to give you a clear answer. But if you’re just finding out about a 13-year-old warrant, I’m guessing it was a misdemeanor violation of PC 415. It’s harder to get a VOP thrown out for being too old than an open case, but I think it’s very unlikely that you’ll get jail on a crime that was only punishable by 90 days to start with. Be prepared to pay off the fine, and that will likely resolve the matter. If there is money in the budget, you can send a private attorney to handle this matter for you.