Got a ticket for driving on a suspended license and rolling through a stop sign, I was offered the misdemeanor diversion program and gladly accepted. However; I am unemployed , but I do make some money recycling …I have other bills and have made a couple of small payments to the program and I am hoping have all payments made by the 90 day limit, however; I was told by the program representative that there aren’t any classes in my area at that time and that the closest one would 2 hours away from where I live. Obviously I can’t drive there , and I really have no one who can take me and wait there to drive me home. Is there a way that I can ask for an extension of time and schedule my class time when in my area? Thanks in advance
Misdemeanor Diversion Program in SLO County is pre-filing, so I presume there is no judge for you to ask for an extension. The cold, hard truth is that if you don’t make MDP happen in time, there will not be an extension. It’s a good program, it seals the case and the arrest. But at the same time, if you can’t do MDP, and the misdemeanor gets filed (btw your case should not be termed a traffic violation, it’s a misdemeanor case) you can show up with a valid driver’s license and you will be given some kind of break by the judge. (It varies form judge to judge.)