I was charged with a misdemeanor in San Luis Obispo County for a bounced check from a local pizza place. I didn’t know about it or forgot but it was years later that it caught up with me. I lived out of the area and drove back to attend court and paid the full amount of the amount the court decided was due prior to the court hearing so I could have my receipt ready for the district attorney. I was told they would dismiss the case since I paid the amount due but the judge told me I had to present myself at the local county jail to be booked. I was told it wouldn’t be on my record since the court dismissed my case. Today when looking at a report from a credit agency that checks for bookings, it is present on the report. Is there anything I can do to get this completely removed from all records?
It depends on how and when the case was dismissed. If you never admitted guilt and the case was dismissed based on you repaying the alleged victim, then you’re entitled to seal the arrest and the court case. If you admitted guilt and then the case was dismissed, then I don’t think you can seal the underlying arrest. I suggest consulting with an attorney. If you can tidy up your record, it’s always a good thing to do so.