I was having a discussion with a person she was leaning on my car windows she had her phone in her hand I slapped the phone and fell on my car I put the window up but didn’t return her the phone I drove off and as i drove off I heard in my door a bang she was holding her self from my door trying to open in she let go and got hurt when I realize because I heard the noise I saw her on the floor she was dragged a couple of feet I stoped right away when I heard the noise . She admits that she purposely hold on from my door she admitted to me on a text also . I want to know what is the worse outcome of this if she decides to do something against me
You could be charged for those actions. Potential charges include but are not limited to battery, vehicular assault, and theft. However it is also possible that the prosecuting agency could conclude you acted in reasonably and decline to prosecute. The best advice I can give you is not to speak to the police and to contact an attorney if the police contact you.